A Little Crème Glacée

As a frequent reader of Paris in Four Months' blog, I was familiar with Berthillon.  It is an ice cream shop on Île Saint-Louis.  It frequently has line-ups.  People are obsessed with it.  Then, while getting in the "I'm going to Paris" mood, I watched an Anthony Bourdain show about eating in the city of light.  Again - Berthillon seemed to be a highlight.  So in spite of my take it or leave it attitude towards ice cream (an ambivalence that does not reflect my outlook on food in general), when I finally passed by their 4ème arrondissement storefront, I was pretty excited to pop in.  The verdict?  AMAZING.  By far the best ice cream I have had in my life (I went with cherry, on Anthony's recommendation).  Good enough to turn a non-ice cream lover like myself into an addict.  Or at the very least someone that will never return to Paris without a scoop from Berthillon...    

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