Bloor/Yorkville Miscellany

{I  Yorkville}

It's often said that Toronto is a city of many neighbourhoods, and that may be true for some, but I've never felt that it applies particularly to my Toronto.  Working in the Financial District and living in Bloor/Yorkville I miss out on the community vibe that some areas seem to inspire-a drawback to be sure, but while I don't have a community I do have the city, just outside the door and with anything and everything one could ask for within a couple minutes walk down the street.  I love my 'hood, even if it is more or less a commercial centre, which is probably why I photograph it so often.  Here are a few shots from the past week, but I would expect to see the lovely Bloor/Yorkville on the blog quite often :)         

{Latte art at Balzac's}

{Cutting through U of T}

{Church of the Redeemer}

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