In Lecce

The World is a Poem

Stumbled upon as I strolled home down the Boulevard Saint-Germain...

I love this.


My first time in Versailles was last fall.  I set aside a half day for the excursion, not being especially interested in the interior of the Château and decided to focus on the gardens instead.  Even then I probably would have stayed longer if I hadn't wanted to get back to see the Musée Rodin before close, the grounds were much more expansive than I had realized, and I feel like, similarly to Venice, the best way to explore would have been to allow time to get lost.  While I wandered for the most part, the area I was dead set on seeing was the Orangerie.  I love the beautiful scrollwork of the manicured lawns, and how perfectly every plant is aligned.  Also, midweek in October I was, for the most part, fortunate to miss out on the crowds, in this little tucked away part of the grounds  

The Desolation of Versailles

Paris Miscellany

{Gare Du Nord}

{View Of The Musée D'Orsay From My Apartment}

{Looking Down The Champs-Élysées}

{Dior On Avenue Montaigne}

{L'Arc De Triomphe Du Carrousel}

{Flowers In The 6th}

Sun At Sacré Coeur

My time in Paris was, for the most part, overcast and damp.  Not that I was expecting much more, since the weather there is notoriously gloomy, particularly in October.  Arriving at Gare du Nord from the airport the skies were cloudy and grey as I began walking around Montmartre to kill time before picking up the keys to my apartment - and then, it happened.  For a couple glorious hours, the sun shone out and the skies were bright, and I managed to get a few shots of the white domes of Sacré Coeur against the beautiful blue Parisian sky.     

Throwback Tuesday: The Patio @ Terroni Rosedale

Like most Torontonians, I love a good patio.  May-September you will be hard pressed to get me to a restaurant that does not have outdoor seating.  Somehow undiscovered by me until this past year, the rooftop patio at Terroni Rosedale has become one of my favourites.  Overlooking Yonge St. and the Summerhill LCBO & clock tower, it's a perfect place to waste away the afternoon sipping away on cocktails and eating rustic Italian food.

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